TH35: Pepper Pig Dolls House

Pepper Pig Dolls House  photo
  • Category: TH
  • No Pieces: 25
  • Age: 3 years plus
  • Rent: $2.00
  • Donated by: Han Family


Bring the world of Peppa Pig to life at home with this ultimate wooden house! Standing at 65cm high and 50cm wide, there’s lots of space for the whole family! 

With 3 Floors!

Explore the 8 different rooms inside! There`s a hall, living room and kitchen on the ground floor. The upstairs you will find a bathroom, Mummy and Daddy Pig`s Bedroom, and Peppa and George`s Bedroom, complete with bunk beds! On the top floor, there`s Mummy Pig`s Office, as well as the attic complete with skylight and telescope.


1 x Wooden house
1 x Oven
1 x Microwave
1 x Washing machine
1 x Bath with shower head attached
1 x Brown computer table , computer attached
1 x Purple 2 seater couch
1 x Purple 1 seater couch
1 x Purple Double bed
1 x Purple bunk bed
1 x Light Purple wardrobe
1 x Light Purple dresser
1 x White wardrobe
1 x White Dresser with mirror attached
1 x Yellow bedside table
2 x Blue chairs
1 x Blue table
1 x Light Blue table
1 x Light Blue couch
1 x Pepper pig
1 x George pig
1 x Daddy Pig
1 x Telescope
1 x Antenna