Frequently Asked Questions

Yes.  We have EFTPOS or we accept cash.  

When the committee decides it’s time to buy new toys. Sometimes we will have a request for a new toy from one of our members, other times the committee will decide that they want to concentrate on a certain toy category while sometimes we receive grants and at other times we wait until shops have sales.

We are open on a Wednesday morning 9.15am to 11.30am and on a Saturday morning 9.00am to 12 noon, even through the School holidays.  We shut over Christmas- New Year holiday.  Please check our Facebook page for the most up to date information on these dates.  

We don’t have one particular place where we buy our toys. We buy our toys from a wide range of shops and online stores.

We do not have books, videos and dvds but we do have exersaucers.

We are open throughout the year, the only time we close is at Christmas and during the summer holidays for 6 weeks.

The committee is made up of toy library members who meet once a month on a Wednesday evening to make decisions and discuss all matters pertaining to the Whitby Toy Library. Some committee members have specific jobs such as toy buyer, marketing, grants while other committee members don’t have specific jobs. Committee meetings are always a fun time with lots of laughs

Up to 6 toys may be borrowed per membership for a two week period. Toy rental ranges from $1 to $3.50.

The Toy Library is run by a voluntary committee made up of Toy Library members. Committee meetings are held once a month and issues discussed include fundraising, finance and of course…. toys!
Whitby Toy Library belongs to the Toy Library Federation of New Zealand, an organisation which has given the Toy Library invaluable assistance since it started back in 1993. Whitby Toy Library has one paid employee who runs the Toy Library when it’s open.

Our street address is Whitby Toy Library, Adventure Park Car Park, Discovery Drive, Whitby, Porirua.,174.8944555/@-41.117572,174.894456,16z?hl=en-US

Working Membership : $25 annual fee, plus cost of toy rentals as you hire*.

Working members are expected to help out at the Toy Library sessions once a term and help with occasional fund-raising.  Members on duty are eligible for free toy rental for a two week period. Members on duty are welcome to bring their children along with them – we have a gate by the door so they can’t escape! and husbands / partners are most welcome to do the rostered duties.

The Whitby Toy Library relies on the assistance of members for its daily operation. Working members will be included in the session roster. Members on duty are eligible for free toy rental for a two week period and are expected to participate in fundraising activities and toy cleaning.

Full Membership: $75 annual fee, plus cost of the toy rentals as you hire*.

Full Members or Casual Members are not expected to help in any way.

Casual Membership: $10 annual fee , plus $5 when you visit and cost of toy rentals as you hire *.

*toy hire ranges from $1 to $3.50 per toy for a fortnight hire.  Costing depends on popularity, age, and cost of original purchase of toy.