TH34: Princess Castle - Disney

Princess Castle - Disney photo
  • Category: TH
  • No Pieces: 11
  • Age: 3 years - 6 years
  • Rent: $3.50


  • ULTIMATE CELEBRATION CASTLE: With its iconic castle silhouette, this Disney Princess dollhouse stands 4 feet high, with 3 stories and 6 rooms. 
  • FIREWORKS LIGHT SHOW AND MUSIC: While music plays, the upstairs window of the castle lights up to look like a brilliant fireworks show while music plays


1 x Castle with Battery cover
1 x dining table and
2 x chairs
1 x bed
1 x vanity
1 x bathtub,
1 x sinks for the bathroom and kitchen
1 x stove
1 x chandelier
1 x sofa that turns into a swing with the golden arch to hold it